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-the seasons will seal these shards-

20 June
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Hello my friends. ive updated this atiny bit once again.

*It's easy to see the resemblance of the systematic destruction and slaughter of over six million Jews by the Nazis before and during world war II and the over 20 million animals that are executed every day in America alone*

My names Marissa. i'm cool. you're not. i eat asparagus and i don't like planes. my intrests might consist of the fallowing-sleeping,driving around with my friends, hanging out with my friends,going to shows...with my friends,writing-weather it being a poem,story or my journals.,renting movies,recording everyone and everything on landis, my video camra.i enjoy the beach,i love the night time appose to the day, and i love winter, becacuse i love the cold.
you know the usuall.I go to freehold twp. high school. i have a best friend named kerri. i give everyone a fair chance. i dont usually judge or anything like that.

Every 8 seconds a baby is born. and thats so weird becasue..ah.

when i go to the movies i usually fall asleep. i live at the mall. and one time the man from wendeys yelled at me and made me sad. i like board games. like ask zandar and life. Chess is a good game too..i can whip anyones ass.muahahha.you might mistaken me for a hobo but im not, even though that would be pretty cool. i wanna be in a band. i like to play my keyboard.I FINALLY GOT MY NEW ONE after 5 years of wanting it becasue my boyfriend corey is awesome and got me one for my birthday.I hate coconut. I like pants and i refuse to wear shorts.

a pickle is a fruit. and that made me very upset when i found that out.

racecar backwards is racecar

My hair is about 4 inches past my shoulder and it is brown/auburn type of color.i do belive in ghosts. i like to get people scared. im addicted to cracking my bones. i like rubbing peoples necks and i like scaring people with weird facts. Snow men or igloos never come out like people want them too. which is a shame. Rap people scare me because im afriad they are making fun of me.Jason Ellis thinks i have a fanclub for him and i dont. actaully i think its quite funny how people spred rumors about people they dont know.
i afriad of-killers,stalkers,guns,bees. im afriad of the world ending too. but i do like making smoothies.

Drugs are very very very bad things. dont do them.

I have a boyfriend named Corey. I met him at work. And we go together like mash potatos and gravy, maybe even like seaweed and sushi. He drives a fast car.He has a cute dog. He makes me laugh and hes amazing.He makes me happy, and i love him. A&P food market backwards is "Tekram doof pa"! I found this to be amazing and will soon make a shirt that says this. I am somewhat disorganized. I'd like to go to space one day. I own an 1985 monte carlo and it kicks ass. I love it and its loudness. I suck at bowling, but i can make some kick ass eggplant.

It made me sad when i found out mrs.cleo was fake. even more sad when i found out mrs. fatima was.=\

It was once stated here how i wanted to learn guitar. well i gave up on that becasue noone taught me. Oh well. I hate the summer becasue its hot and i hate the heat. It makes me impatiet. So i stay in the house where it is dark and cold becasue i am an albino rat. no wait, thats mary.
I am not good at sports. i am afriad of baseballs,basketballs,hockey pucks,ping pong balls,Tennis balls,and lacross balls. i do like volly balls though.Drinking out of glasses is gross. i prefer plastic cups. i have weird blood so i tend to get sick very easily. stay away. I LOVE NJ!!and i never want to leave it. i also love andrew w.k. and how could i forget old school nintendo and sega.

I once saw Micheal jackson on the welcome screen and gasped becasue i was scared.=(

Terrorists and bin lauden scare me. i think theyre insane! and i am deathly afriad of nuclear wepons.:(I like tall people, i think theyre interesting.My eyes are green, and im really pale...like a vampire/casper type. If I had one wish it would be to have everything that makes me happy forever. if i had another wish id wish for more wishes. Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite arist. Starry night is my fav. peice made by him. Phones piss me off, taxis are okay. i love roller coasters. i like soft things. i love my bed. i love my mom. i love my friends. and i love you. *dont tell me im emo or ill break your hip.*

-music is the glue of the world
without it, life would be meaningless-.empire records.